Proxy Parent Foundation safeguards public benefits for disabled persons through the PLAN of California Master Pooled Trust and provides “family like” Personal Support Services for people with mental illness and other brain disorders.

Our Expertise

Proxy Parent Foundation is a perfect example of marrying the expertise of the business world with the altruism of the nonprofit world. Proxy Parent Foundation provides services more efficiently and cost effectively than can be provided independently while assuring that disabled people can thrive in society and experience a real quality of life.

Our Services

Trustee: Proxy Parent Foundation is the trustee of the PLAN of California Master Pooled Trust. It can accommodate either first party “self-settled” or third party “family-generated” special needs trusts. The Proxy Parent Foundation PLAN of California Master Pooled Trust has no asset minimum and is open to all ages and disability types.

Personal Support Services: Just like a loving family, Proxy Parent Foundation helps coordinate public and private social services and medical care for PLAN of California Special Needs Trust beneficiaries with mental illness and other brain disorders. Proxy Parent Foundation helps answer their families’ question: Who will care when I’m not there? Our Personal Support Services for people with mental illness and other brain disorders may include help in finding suitable housing, providing medication education, life skills tutoring, social activities and friendship.

Proxy Parent Foundation, a dba of Planned Lifetime Assistance Network (PLAN) of California, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, serving disabled people since 1991.

Proxy Parent Foundation’s services are available throughout California.

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"Proxy Parent provides someone to care when you're not there" When Dr. Kerry Kravitz's uncle was alive, he didn't worry about a family member in Los Angeles who was living with schizophrenia. Kravitz's uncle took... More>

In April, two of our board members, Carla Jacobs and Tom Stevens, appeared on the syndicated Ventura radio show, "Grey Matters", hosted by Cheri Kurman, Esq. to talk about our organization and services. Listen to the interview here and send any questions or comments on the show to

"Proxy Parent Foundation Started by NAMI Members" Read the article featuring Proxy Parent Foundation board members Ann Eldridge and Carla Jacobs on the NAMI California website. More>

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